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As per the latest New Zealand NZ Details suggest that the Participation Rate eased to However, pre-Fed caution seems to have tested the bulls afterwards.

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Technical analysis A daily closing beyond the August top surrounding 1. The jobless rate is in line w This has bolstered the odds of a rate hike by the RBNZ.

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Legális bináris opció jobless rate is in line with the market consensus and prior print of 3. The NZ jobless rate at 3.

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Also, the Employment Change has been printed at 0. The market participants should be aware of the fact that the RBNZ raised its interest rates by a hefty 50 basis points bps resulting in a 1. The asset is displaying exhaustion ahead of the interest rate decision by the Federal Reserve Fed.

Apart from the rate hikes, investors are also expecting the announcements of balance sheet reduction and hawkish guidance for the remaining year. On Tuesday, gold rose some 0.

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The yellow-metal gains were capped by falling crude oil prices and choppy trading ahead of the FOMC meeting. Asian futures are set to open higher while crude oil prices fell, a lid on precious metals gains. The US Dollar Index fell for the second time in the last four days but clings to the mark, at Additionally, US Treasury yields dropped, led by the year benchmark note, which sat at 2.

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Still, money market futures have also priced in additional bps increases in June, July, and September meetings, which means that the Federal Funds Rate would be lying at the 2. The first quarter labour market data for new Zealand has arrived and has little effect n the price of NZD with the Unemployment Rate coming in as expected at 3.

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The focus is on the Federal Reserve. More to come The price, from an hourly perspective, remains within a sideways channel. About the Unemployment Rate The Unemployment Rate released by the Statistics New Zealand is the number of unemployed workers divided by the total civilian labor force.

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Forex bróker összehasonlítás 2020 the rate is up, it indicates a lack of expansion within the New Zealand labor market. As a result, a rise leads to weaken the New Zealand economy.

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A decrease of the figure forex bróker összehasonlítás 2020 seen as positive or bullish for the NZD, while an increase is seen as negative or bearish. Részletek New Zealand Employment Change meets forecasts 0.

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Részletek New Zealand Participation Rate came in at Részletek New Zealand Unemployment Rate meets expectations 3. Though, the south-run will have a bumpy road unless the Fed chose to disappoint markets, either via rate actions or comments suggesting a softer approach to deal with robust inflation. Részletek US Dollar Index oscillates around The DXY is struggling to sustain above In addition to a rate hike, investors are expecting quantitative tightening and hawkish guidance.

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Inflation may inch further as commodities have not shown any sign of exhaustion yet. The US dollar index DXY is failing to find any direction as investors have squeezed their positions significantly amid uncertainty over the release of the monetary policy by the Federal Reserve Fed.

The DXY has remained on the seventh heaven for a few trading weeks on bolstered odds of a jumbo rate hike by the Fed. Expectations from the Fed in the monetary policy meeting An announcement of interest rate elevation by 50 basis points bps is on the cards.

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The Fed is going to bring a healthy stretch in the interest rates to corner the inflation mess. Apart from that, the galloping balance sheet demands a serious reduction now, therefore investors should brace for quantitative tightening.

Lastly, more rate hikes by half a percent for the remaining year could be announced by the Fed. The Fed is determined to return to the neutral rate culture by the end of this year and for the happening of the event, bulk rate hikes are highly required. On the front of the economic indicators, the Fed could dictate that inflation is expected to bring more upside to the table as commodity and fossil fuel prices have not shown any kind of exhaustion yet.

Also, the tight labor market will stay for longer and the economy is much more solid to face the heat of liquidity contraction going forward.

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