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For this purpose, Dukascopy Bank will make a price adjustment, a position adjustment or other corrections or their combinations. In cases where it is hard to accurately reflect or impossible to reflect such economic effect of fx bróker forex kereskedés corporate actions for stock CFD, ETF, the CFD position may be closed before the corporate action ex-date.

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For more information, please contact your Account Manager or our Support Desk. Market gap Any market gap after a trading break may significantly decrease the equity on your account and it can trigger a margin cut or the equity stop loss level.

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Beware that spread widening may occur around trading break time. Hongkong-index, Hong Kong-részvények, japán részvények, Ausztrália index, Kína Aindex, Szingapúr Blue Chip-index és Szójabab A részvény és határidős piacok zárvatartása miatt a következő instrumentumokon előfordulhat alacsony likviditás vagy az adatfolyam teljes hiánya. India 50 Index As equity and futures markets are closed the following instrument might have low liquidity or even a full absence of price feed: India 50 Index from to GMT.

CFD instruments are currently available for self traders only.

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Dukascopy Bank is counterparty for each transaction and may hedge the CFD with other clients or with external trading counterparties. Dukascopy Bank's CFD prices are neither legally neither economically the derivative from the hedging instrument.

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