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Kriptokereskedő – kamal ravikant & james altucher. Ep. Kamal Ravikant - Maybe a Pilgrimage Can Save Your Life - James Altucher

Last week, Kamal joined us for an Ask Me Anything inside the WSIRN communityduring which he talked about the strength that comes from sharing your true self with the world. Kamal Ravikant: Hi Tanzila. Great question.

Lesson in Saying NO with Angel Investor Kamal Ravikant - \

The advice I would give my younger self would be on the inner game. I'd say, "don't suffer. So, "don't suffer.

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How befektet-e bitcoinba you split your time and energy between reading, exercising, writing, meditation, talking to fans and readers, and working with startups?

Also, do you spend a lot of time on social media? Kamal Ravikant: Well, life during Covid is a bit different than normal.

I do Olympic Rings gymnastics for workouts about 4x a week.

Kamal Ravikant - The Full AMA Transcript

Couple days a week, I do sprints. I meditate daily. I work as scheduled for that particular day. I'd say each day is slightly different given what Kriptokereskedő – kamal ravikant & james altucher have on my plate. A lot of time on social media?

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I rarely check Facebook. Instagram here and there sometimes.

If any place I spend time on, it's Twitter. Twitter is more fun for a writer anyway. C: Thank you for your answer Kamal! I enjoy your tweets. Kamal Ravikant: Thanks.

Kamal was totally lost. His father had died. His job over. His relationship gone. He felt adrift, depressed, broken.

Like any social media platform, it can be a time suck. So I curate who I follow in lists based on subjects and when I feel like reading up on a certain subject ie: fitness, investing, etc. Q: How did you initially overcome the fear of sharing your own difficulties, vulnerabilities, and your feelings so openly with the world?

Kamal Ravikant - The Full AMA Transcript | What Should I Read Next?

And since then, what have been some instances in your life when stepping through fear helped you discover magic? Kamal Ravikant: I don't think there is an "initially" there.

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It's a process. Life is a process.

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Things come up, you step forward. And regarding fear, it's as simple as fear of putting out Love Yourself which put me on the map as a writer to any basic fear that isn't true. I think the key with fear is to face it and realize that it's not true.

When that happens, the next step is obvious and easy. It's a practice, though.

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One gets better over time. One develops confidence in themselves over time doing this as well.

Could you perhaps share your investment thesis, and any memorable events so far? Kamal Ravikant: It's simple.

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I állomány autókereskedelmi rendszer in people first. My best investments have turned out to support that thesis. Having said that, you also look at what they're building, the market, what their odds of success are, who the other investors are matters a lot to me.

Ep. Kamal Ravikant - Maybe a Pilgrimage Can Save Your Life - James Altucher

But, in the end, you bet on founders. Q: What other books do you recommend in the self-help genre? And which book are you reading currently?

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Kamal Ravikant: Honestly, I'm not really a self-help person. I just share human lessons I've learned.

My favorite novel, hmm, that's changed over the years. But my all time favorite is a simple fable called The Alchemist. Currently, am reading Howard Stern's book on interviews. Seeing how he does interviews as I'm starting my own podcast.

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C: I would love to listen to your hogyan lehet pénzt keresni részvényekkel az induláskor What is it going to be about?! Kamal Ravikant: Thanks! It's going to be about people and things I'm curious about.