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Site pour trader crypto, Ultra (UOS) árfolyam, grafikonok, piaci kapitalizáció és egyéb mérőszámok | CoinMarketCap

A legjobb kereskedési platformok kezdőknek 2022

Ultra 1. A CoinMarketCap rangsorában jelenleg Ultra is a publishing platform and ecosystem for video games and video game content.

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Ultra promises a solution that is more equitable to players and developers alike. Players can benefit from immediately playable games, earn UOS by using the platform, and access platform-exclusive games.

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Besides content and game publishing, Ultra offers a demand-side and service-side platform for advertisers, the opportunity for players to resell their used games, and a platform-exclusive app. Who Are the Founders of Ultra?

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Ultra was incubated by an experienced team of video game industry veterans who have a successful track record working for major Western and Asian companies. Ultra is advised by current and former professionals with work experience at AMD, Microsoft, and a number of elite investment banks.

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  2. Ultra (UOS) árfolyam, grafikonok, piaci kapitalizáció és egyéb mérőszámok | CoinMarketCap

What Makes Ultra Unique? Ultra claims to set itself apart by building site pour trader crypto first-class PC game publishing platform that can not only compete with, but also outperform existing solutions.

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This infrastructure enables a few specific advantages for developers and players that are supposed to help Ultra achieve its goal. Receive access to different new business and marketing tools that can open up new revenue opportunities. Be able to leverage referral bonuses and rewards programs specifically built to help them scale their businesses.

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Earning money through participation in beta tests, advertisements, and game curation. The experience of being part of a community that can tradingview ethereum euro up earning opportunities through referrals. The option of reselling their games while earning UOS in the process. Ads are displayed in several areas before and after the game, as well as in browser notifications.

Publishers can sell impressions through the other side of the platform and optimize their profitability.

Moreover, Ultra offers Ultra Go, its platform companion app that allows players to participate and earn on Ultra from mobile devices. Players can also engage in mining the most profitable altcoins and exchange them automatically for Ultra coins.

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