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Superalgos 2.

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A CoinMarketCap rangsorában jelenleg A forgó kínálat nem áll rendelkezésre és a maximum kínálat 1, SA érme A fő tőzsde a z Superalgos kereskedésére jelenleg:.

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What Is Superalgos Superalgos is a technology infrastructure and an economic ecosystem that — together — enable the first open and decentralized Trading Intelligence Network. Superalgos is a token-incentivized, community-owned open-source project.

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A global community of data scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs collaborate to build the infrastructure, earning Superalgos SA tokens for their work. The platform integrates all crucial aspects of crypto trading automation in a visual scripting environment bináris opció top kereskedő to technically-minded users and optimized for developers. Crypto users follow algo traders' bots to copy trades using free and open-source social trading apps and free signals.

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Superalgos Social Trading Apps will become available in open beta starting Q2, Desktop, server, and mobile versions will support fully-automated trading as well as manual-confirmation operation. What Is the Utility of the Token?

Governance Superalgos features decentralized governance by which the community votes with reputation and token holdings to determine the direction of development and how to distribute incentives.

In a mature state, the Superalgos Network will channel a significant fraction of the world's trading volume. The right to influence the governance of the dominant trading intelligence network will become a precious commodity.

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Reputation The tokens you earn when contributing to the project determine your reputation. You may leverage reputation to increase your Voting Power and your Priority Ranking getting signals!

Priority The token balance and reputation in the built-in wallet of the Superalgos Social Trading Apps determine a priority ranking: the order in which users smart algo-trade review trading signals.

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In a mass-adoption smart algo-trade review, successful algo traders may amass millions of followers. In that context, priority access to signals will be crucial for users. Latency in terms of time is irrelevant.

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What matters is the state of the order book. Token Economics The project issued million tokens out of the 1.

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The project manages a yearly budget. The yearly budget will go through a halving event every 6 years. The first halving will be in The total supply will be distributed by Superalgos distributes the token exclusively among contributors.

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We incentivize community members to contribute work and reward contributions with tokens. This model guarantees that every token in circulation is backed by value added to the project. Mutasson többet.